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"The best place for a facial. Beautiful, clean, great equipment and my esthetician Vanessa is the best. My face looks marvelous!! Very professional service." - Yanett

"Just had my first facial at Guinot Institut and could not be happier! Rachel Anderson was my esthetician. She did a wonderful job. Highly recommend!" - Penny I. 

"I finally found my favorite spa in MT. Pleasant! Staff are so welcoming and provide the best service. Megan was amazing and gave me a great foot treatment." 8/7/22

"I walked in with many many questions. Meagan Fender took her time explaining the process and was able to do my first facial right then! As a walk-in! The immediate results were incredible. Their pricing is also reasonable. I felt no pressure to buy. I truly felt that Meagan cared about my concerns and hopeful results. #nomoredrugstoreproductforme" - Debbie T.

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Services For The Body

With body treatments from Guinot Institute that combine machine-based technology with powerful ingredients, you'll feel renewed and confident in your own skin. Whether looking your best means a body that’s more slim, firm, toned, and relaxed. Our desire is to help you achieve your personal objectives with a series of TechniSpa Sessions.

While you relax, our high-tech treatments will transform your body. Results are visible and sustainable from the very first visit.

Guinot Body Treatments & Wraps

Mirific Relaxing Contouring (50 Min)

Provides extraordinary slimming results after the first session. It is most effective on legs and waist but is also available for knees, calves, ankles, and arms.


Mirific Exfoliation Contouring (30 Min)

A zingy full-body exfoliation, warm shower, and application of a rich body moisturizer. Leaves luminous, flawless skin.


Self-Tanning Add-on (For Any Body Treatment)

This treatment gives the skin a long-lasting, evenly bronzed tan application.


Mirific Exfoliating Softening & Relaxing Treatment (75 Min)

Includes relaxing exfoliation.


Technispa® Slimming Anti-Cellulite (45 Min)

Rapidly slim down with this session! Results are visible and may be measured in centimeters lost to refine the figure.


Technispa® Targeted Slimming (40 Min)

Focuses the slimming anti-cellulite treatment on a specific area of concern.


Technispa® Thermo-Relax Firming (45 Min)

This treatment will recover more youthful-looking and firmer skin using three simultaneous and painless firming actions.


Technispa® Light Legs (40 Min)

This soothing leg treatment will reduce swelling and discomfort. Ideal for individuals who spend long periods of time on their feet.


Slim Logic Body Wrap (75 Min)

Anti-cellulite slimming treatment with caffeine. This thermo relaxing firming treatment has a double action: manual treatment with exfoliation and a body mask/wrap.


PCA Skin Body Treatment & Peels

Smoothing Body Peel (Time Varies)

Specifically formulated for the body’s skin, this two-step treatment contains a combination of TCA, salicylic, lactic, and kojic acid which will deliver a smoother, firmer, and brighter body complexion, resulting in an overall improvement in skin tone, texture, and appearance.

  1. Hands, Feet | 15 min | $45
  2. Arms, Legs | 30 min | $105
  3. Torso (front and back) | 45 min | $145
  4. Full Body | 2 Hr | $395

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